Since its creation, the BAZ'N agency has already had positive feedback on the professional and also human side, here are the people who have given their opinion on the agency :

« Nassim is a person with whom the bond immediately passed, I had known him for a short time but I already considered him as my big brother, he knows how to differentiate the professional from the private. He has concrete and realistic projects that no agent has offered me. Always there if I need help at any time. »


Professional player

« Nassim is very serious about his job, his friendly approach to serving the player, always available to provide the best possible service to his client, working with him is a real pleasure. Thank you for your availability MP. »


Professional player – NBA

« Nassim is a very attentive agent, present as much as possible, and familiar with the basketball world, which makes him a great advisor on and off the court. Everything a player needs to be successful in their career and achieve their goals.. »

Benoit INJAI

Professional player

« Nassim is listening, he follows us, takes our news and advises us on the basketball plan and also after basketball. He is ambitious and goes all out for his players.»


Professional player 

« Very professional it is sure, he knows his job well, he takes the time with all his players, on this point there is nothing to say whether it is work or private.
Convincing, he understands what I want, he doesn’t hesitate to give his opinion. He’s determined to have exactly what I want. Good thing that we are now working together. Very friendly collaboration. »

Mohamed QUETA

Professional player

« Nassim has been someone I have known since I started the basket so obviously when I had the opportunity to work with him, it just seemed normal. He is determined and takes care of his players, he cares about them a lot. It’s a collaboration that suits me perfectly. I need to trust my agent and with him it is very easy, because he is honest and doesn’t hesitate to tell you everything whether it’s good or bad. I hope to collaborate with him for many years. »


Professional player

« Nassim is an agent who listens to player requests. He knows how to be frank, and explains the reality of the market well. He always looks for the best situation for the player and not necessarily the financier. At the extra sports level, he takes time to help the players, and he is not afraid to seek information. We can see that he is motivated and that he  has ambition. »


Professional player

« I met Nassim when I had poor results with my team. Contact immediately passed between us. Nassim is an agent who puts in the means to support his players, his coaches. He showed me an interest in wanting us to work together. His speech is unifying, he is not afraid to think big for his agency and he has a development plan specific to each. I like his calm, thoughtful and benevolent. He is also reachable at any time of the day or night when you have a problem, and when doing this job it is nice to know that your agent is like a member of your family and is listening. »



« Nassim is a really good agent, always available and who provides very good follow-up to his players. He is an agent who takes the time to watch and debrief games, with an analysis that allows us to move forward together, discuss things to improve and progress. He doesn’t hesitate to showcase his players to clubs and does a good “agent” job. He is also very close to his players off the field, which makes it easier to exchange and on several points (especially after career). »


Professional player

« Nassim is an agent who has shown me his interest in working together. The contact is immediately made. I have been working with him for a year and clearly liked his vision on my project which was both ambitious and realistic. In addition, he is very available which allows him to interact a lot with him. Only positive. »


Professional player

« I only regret one thing, that we didn’t start working  together sooner !! »


Professional player

« Nassim is a competent agent, involved in his work. He knows his players. He is someone who is available, attentive and a good adviser … I am happy to be able to work with him. »


Professional player

« Nassim is a dedicated agent who does everything to ensure his players can achieve their goals! He is diligent and can make himself persuasive when necessary. He is a good worker and knows how to dissociate the time when he works with his players and the time when he is interested in them, in their life in order to create affinities! I would qualify him as kind, pleasant, open, hardworking and cultivating ! »


Professional player

« It’s a real pleasure to work with Nassim. He’s someone who is very involved in what he does and who can be trusted. His professional side is reassuring, and his availability allows us as a player to feel at ease. In conclusion, that the positive towards him. »


Professional player

« Nassim is a hardworking agent. It makes you feel good, in your job and in your personal situation. He works for me all the time and I like it. I have never had an agent who genuinely cares about you, this is very rare, and to me that is what makes Nassim a great agent. I’ve had a lot of agents in my career, but Nassim has been the best so far. »

Ramon DYER

Professional player

« I am very glad I had the opportunity to meet Nassim in person, he is honest, hardworking and very professional in his job. I had the opportunity to cooperate with him, he did a lot of good things for me in Paris, Angers and Epinal. I hope that next year we will cooperate even more successfully. »


Professional player