Since its creation, the agency BAZ'N already has positive feedback on the professional side and also human, here are the people who gave their opinion on the agency:

« Nassim is someone I know since I started basketball so obviously when I had the opportunity to work with him, it seemed normal. He is determined and takes care of his players, he cares a lot from them. It is a collaboration that suits me perfectly. I need to trust my agent and with him is very easy because he is honest and does not hesitate to tell you all that is good or bad. I hope to work for many years at his side. »

Professional player - PROA, PROB, NM1

« Nassim is someone very serious in his work, his friendly approach to the service of the player, always available to provide his best service to his client, working with him is a real pleasure. thanks for your availability MP. »

Professional player - NBA

« I regret one thing, that one is not started working together earlier !! »

Professional player - NM1

« Nassim is an agent who listens carefully to the demands of the players. He is really honest, and explains the reality of the market. He is always looking for the best situation for the player and not necessarily only for the financier. Outside the sport level, he takes time to help the players, and he is not afraid to get the information. We see that he is motivated and has ambition. »

Professional player - PROB NM1

« Very professional that’s for sure, He knows his job well, he takes the time with all his players, on this point there is nothing to say, that it is work or private.
Convincing, he understands what I want, he does not hesitate to give his opinion. He is determined to have exactly what I want. A good thing that we are now working together. Very friendly collaboration. »

Mohamed QUETA
Professional player - PROB NM1

« It’s a real pleasure working with Nassim. He is someone who is very involved in what he does and in whom we can trust. His professional side is reassuring, and his availability allow us player to feel comfortable. In conclusion, very positive in regards to him. »

Professional player - NM1

« Nassim is a competent agent, involved in his work. He knows his players. He is someone who is available, attentive and good adviser … I am satisfied to be able to work with him. »

Professional player - LF2

« Nassim is a working agent. He makes sure that you feel comfortable abour your job and situation. He always working for me and I like that. I never had an agent who genuinely cares about you. That is very rare and to me that what makes Nassim a great agent. I had many in my career agents but he has been the best agent I had so far. »

Ramon DYER
Professional player - NBA D-League

« I’am very glad I had the opportunity to meet Nassim in person, he is honest, hard-working and very professional in his job. I had the opportunity to cooperate with him, he did a lot of good things for me in Paris, Angers and Epinal. I hope that next year we will cooperate even more successfully. »

Professional player - NM1